Stop wasting time searching for models and photographers

ShotCrew enables you to find the talent you need while saving countless hours searching the web. Our verified data and detailed filters enable you to pinpoint talent based on your requirements, budget and much more.

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All the details you need

All the information you need (hourly rates, body measurements, location, email, Instagram, etc) at your fingertips.

Get in touch easily

Every person on our platform has a verified email address, and most have an Instagram profile and website.

Verified data

All of the data on our platform has been submitted by the talent themselves, which many platforms don’t offer. We also run weekly scans to check for broken website/Instagram links and non-working emails.

Hi there! I'm the founder of ShotCrew. I'm a serial maker/entrepreneur with 8 years of experience building physical and digital products. The negative experiences I have had managing product shoots and searching for talent ultimately led to the creation of ShotCrew.
My desire is to help brands have more successful photoshoots, while saving time and reducing headaches planning them. As a past founder and operator of ecommerce brands, you have my word that ShotCrew will make your life easier.
Tyrel Johnson

Why should your business use ShotCrew?

You will save a lot of time and money

Imagine – instead of scouring Instagram or some outdated modeling network site for talent, you had a tool that enabled you to specify the exact details of who you were looking for. Then with the click of a button, you were presented with a large list of curated people that fit your profile! You and/or your team would save countless hours (and dollars).

Here’s an example of a past experience of mine. I spent 15 hours looking for talent and communicating with them just to secure a handful of models and a photographer for this shoot. My hourly wage was $30/hour, so it cost $450 just to FIND the talent for this shoot.

You may spend less (or more) than 15 hours finding talent for your shoots. I simply want to raise awareness around how expensive the process can be doing it without a tool like ShotCrew, which can cut your talent discovery process to under an hour, depending on the the size of your shoot.

You will discover better talent

Let’s say you get lucky and quickly stumble upon models on Instagram that fit the look you are going for. They don’t have an email in their bio, so you DM each of them and wait. And wait. A week and multiple messages later, you have to go find more models. This has happened to me multiple times.

With ShotCrew, I do the work of gathering contact information for every single person on the platform. You will see their website, Instagram and a valid email address so you can avoid the pain-in-the-a** process I described above.

You will also have instant access to a much larger talent pool across the United States (and eventually, worldwide) so you have more models (and photographers) to select from, at your fingertips.


The beta version of ShotCrew will be launched in September. I have decided to offer an early bird lifetime access plan for those of you that really believe in what I am building. You will get lifetime access to ShotCrew by paying a one-time fee of $237 (three months of the regular price).

Limited to 25 early access accounts.

Sign up will be disabled without warning when the limit is reached. I prefer to have a close relationship with my first paying customers, so I can learn more and fine-tune ShotCrew to the needs of my paying customers.

$79 per month


one-time fee

What you get:
  • Access to all talent (500+ people)
  • Filtering and sorting control
  • Up to 5 account seats for team access
  • 24/7 email support + help videos
  • Access to a private Facebook group with other brands
  • All future updates and features
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Frequently asked questions

How can I trust this data?

I care deeply about the quality of the data. Unlike other sites that host “scrapped” data, I get all talent to submit all of their information. This eliminates the chance that information is missing or incorrect.

How many people are added monthly?

There will always be at least 100 new models/photographers added to the platform each month (until it reaches about 10,000 people on the platform). However, that is just a safe guarantee, and I believe I will be able to add 300+ people per month.

What type of talent will ShotCrew have?

The talent on the ShotCrew platform will vary widely, from product photographers in Seattle, to athletic models in Florida. I will also start sourcing talent outside of the US once there are 10,000 people on the platform.

What is ShotCrew used for?

ShotCrew is typically used by brands and marketing agencies to find photographers and models for photoshoots. The verified contact information is convenient for doing outreach more easily and efficiently.

Will you be improving the platform?

Of course! I welcome all feature requests and ideas on how the platform can be improved. Don’t be afraid to share other ideas, as my vision is to grow ShotCrew and offer services like white-glove photoshoot management.

How often is the data updated?

I run weekly scans to check for broken URLs, and perform email address validation. Every model/photographer is emailed on a quarterly basis to get updated information.