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Custom Themes

Every month, you get to pick an entirely new theme for your photos

Location Selection

Choose from 20+ location(s) where we'll create your content

Strategy Call

30-minute strategy call with our creative team every month

Proof Gallery

View your proofs in a private gallery and pick your favorites

Multiple Versions

You get the RAW and retouched versions of your photos

Full License Rights

Full digital and print license rights to your photos

Professional Filters

Choose from a selection of professional filters on your photos (optional)

Common questions

How much control do I get over the shot list?

Our Instagram photography service is meant to be a more hands-off experience than our full-service photoshoots. You don’t get control over the shot list, but we’ll make sure we deliver photos that you will be happy to share on social media. Every month, you will have the opportunity to select the theme of the photos, and we make it easy for you to communicate your vision.

How do I know the photos will be on brand?

Our on-boarding process ensures that we get to know your brand image. When you sign up, you will complete an in-depth questionnaire that helps us understand your company, customer demographic, photography goals, and the specific details on the style you want.

Do you edit my photos?

Our editing process includes cropping, adjusting color temperature, exposure, sharpness, contrast, and various lighting parameters. Advanced editing (removing objects, blemishes, etc) is not included. You don’t have to worry about us over-editing. We’ll deliver photos that give you the freedom to adjust further.

Where do I ship my products?

You are responsible for shipping the products that are being photographed directly to the photographer working on your project. After you select your photographer, we will send you the mailing address. Some brands choose to leave their products with us since we are doing monthly photoshoots for them. If you want your products returned, please include a prepaid return shipping label (or email it later on).

What types of photography can I have done?

Our Instagram photography service is limited to lifestyle type photos. Have more specific requirements, or want in-studio or white background ecommerce photos? View our full-service photoshoot offering.

How many proofs will I receive?

We capture 5 to 10 times the amount of photos that you pay for, so you get a variety of proofs to select your favorites from. For example, if you pay for 10 photos, you’ll get 50-100 proofs to select your 10 photos from.

Can I purchase additional photos?

Yes. Any additional photos outside of the amount you’ve paid for cost $25 per photo. When you are reviewing the photos we send you after the shoot, simply select all of the photos you would like and we will send a one-time bill to you for the extra photos.

What type of files will I receive?

We deliver the raw and retouched versions of the photos you select. The raw photos are provided in case you decide to work with your own preferred editor. The retouched photos are delivered in JPEG format, at the highest quality possible.

What do the licensing fees cost?

They cost nothing. You get full license rights to the photos you purchase. You can use, edit, and publish your photos any way you like, including for commercial purposes.